Thesis Statement

The quilt panel’s embodiment of the Castro life during the 1980’s taught us about the value of place for marginal communities dealing with the HIV/ AIDS epidemic.


Uses phrases like “offers insight, embodies”

  • What is the panel (aids quilt general info)?  What is the Names Project(more about the HIV/AIDS)? What is the Castro? How is the Castro embodied in the quilt?
  • What role has the Castro played in the HIV/ AIDS epidemic? (EVIDENCE)
    • 1980’s?
    • Today?
  • What makes the Castro so controversial? (USE EVIDENCE)
  • What have other communities besides “The Castro” been created around HIV/ AIDS?
    • gay-friendly neighborhoods
  • Which marginal communities (LGBT)?
  • How are they dealing with?


Ryan White as about archive room


  • How does the writer introduce her argument? Asks the question and answer it
  • How long is her introduction? There is no introduction
  • Where does the author paraphrase?
    • Quote?
    • Why one and not the other?
  • What is the author’s thesis? At the end of the third paragraph, There’s not really a thesis, she puts all of the credible stuff in the beginning. Using evidence.