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Description of Bobby Orr’s Quilt

In big bold white letters, it has the name “BOBBY ORR” placed in the top left corner. Not a suggestion but that the name of the man (assumed because the way Bobby is spelled helps me suggest that it is a Masculine name) who probably died of aids. Under the name are numbers that are (4-59 1-89), Those are the months and year he was born (March 1959) and the month and year he died (January 1989). I assumed it is in the 1900’s because by observing others quilt I noticed most of them began in the 1900’s. There is a blue-based background, probably can do further research to see why they have chosen that background (maybe because that was his favorite color).


There are many places that are represented on this quilt such as; New York, San Francisco, and Puerto Rico. My first assumption would be because he liked to travel around a lot and these were probably his favorite places to go.

I assume this because in one of his letters on the bottom right side there is a letter to “Debbie Dillon” and he talks about how he was in St. Croix, then took a boat to St. Thomas, and sailed back to Parguern. He completes his letter by saying he can’t wait to go on there trip to New York.

There is a yellow piece of fabric that says “March for Lesbian/ Gay Rights”, which could mean many things, that he was gay or probably just supported Lesbian/ Gay people.


All photos shot by Cache’ Downer