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Homeless gay and transgender youth of color in San Francisco:“No one likes street kids”—Even in the Castro

Trips to fantasy island: contexts of risky sex for San Francisco gay men

Transitioning through AIDS epidemics-gender and temporality

Pinto, C. S., Dos Santos Fernandes, C. E., Oliveira, R. d., Matos, V. d., & Motta de Castro, A. C. (2015). Transitioning through AIDS epidemics – gender and temporality. The Brazilian Journal Of Infectious Diseases: An Official Publication Of The Brazilian Society Of Infectious Diseases 

This source would be useful because it goes beyond just the United States and the evolution of it. The studies showed that the prevalence of AIDS was higher among men at the first 14 years of this epidemic. This is helpful to my research because the representative of my panel is of the male gender.

The above title is for my annotated bibliographies just to have a reference.

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