Secondary Reasearch

Evaluation NOT a Summary, Annotated Bib. on secondary sources.

Begin with a detailed research question.


  • What is the significance of carrots and rabbits in Jimmy’s panel?
    • What do rabbits and carrots symbolize (generally)? to whom
  • Stem from good questions
    • Articulate them
    • How might you reword that question? How does that change what you mean?
  • Seek data collected and processed (edited) by other people
    • Kids of secondary sources
      • scholarly books and journals
      • popular books, magazines, media
      • newspapers
        • Analyse an assessments, argument,
        • Evaluate the source: the ethos of the source (how credible the source is) affects your own ethos (credibility)

What makes a quality secondary source?

  • Peer-reviewed
  • offers credible evidence (& documents that evidence)
  • Logical and reasonable
  • considers the context
  • addresses multiple points of view
  • Acknowledge (implicitly or explicitly) bias.


  • What is the significance of carrots and rabbits to Jimmy Finely?
    • NAMES Project
    • Search keywords
      • Jimmy Finley
      • James Finley
      • Who is Boobi Cambell? (Panel)
      • Who is Carl Orme? (Panel)
      • Seek relationships (SCOPE)
        • LGBT Community
          • Gay Men in Seattle

Get more specific


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