Reading Response Two

Unit 2 Reading Response: Ball and Golden Vinyl Record

The primary text is about multimodal projects and the different forms of communications can affect how different people will interpret a text. There are five different modes of communication each has an example and explain how each one of them can be used. The five modes are linguistic, visual, aural, gestural, and spatial. While reading this I learned that everything is multimodal and could be perceived as a text. This primary source was helpful because it gives me a better understanding of the supplemental text.

While reading the supplemental text I learned that vinyl is a text, this is something that I wouldn’t have thought of if I didn’t read Ball’s text. At first, the producer of audios didn’t have them available to them, but now it’s, made available for everyone to have a copy of the online. Mostly linguistic roles help reformate the audio become more available and vinyl to those around us, but aural modes had it plays in it as well. This recording has many images implied and stored in it. This is the aural part of communication the vinyl record will not have any images but it allows those to understand the music. It doesn’t have a visual mode because it doesn’t have images. It doesn’t really have any gestural modes, other than the fact that it moves one spiritually.

This reading response was a lot easier than the unit one’s response because making the connections seemed to be easier. This made me that of ways I can promote or advocate something on social media.

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