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Final Analysis Example

Use the source don’t let the source speak for you.

HIV/AIDS in the U.S. Military

  • What does the intro do well? Tell you what to accept. Uses mode of communication to bring attention to that piece. Used pathos to connect the readers and in the second paragraph to back up what she was talking about. There’s a research question.
    • Set up a set by step, and make it constant.
    • SIDE NOTE: The Castro as a safe haven, a place where someone goes to be themselves.
  • Where could it be improved? Be constant with the first-person point of view, do it throughout the whole essay. Not easy to know where her evidence is coming from (name the source first)… I have learned in my research that…
  • What evidence does the author use? When? She is paraphrasing the sources that she was reading and putting it in an order.
  • What does it do for her ethos and argument? The research that she has accumulated connects to her work making it more believable.