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Primary Source Description notes

What is a primary source?

  • “Original source”- Data authors generate themselves.
  • Multimodal source.
  • Dependant upon who’s using it

What is a “secondary source”?

  • Reporting someone’s point of view about data already generated.
  • Example: reading new papers of the person on your names quilt

Look at the "Rate Schedule" Sign, last line!

Objective description (writing down specific details) what’s there

  • There’s a woman
  • Her head is slightly turned to the right
  • The photo is grey scale
  • She’s focusing on something (eyes are narrow)
  • There is a sign that says “Good coffee, cheaper than Prozac”
  • It looks like the lady has eyebrow makeup and eye make up on. (dark & thick)
  • The woman’s ear is bare
  • Summed up: The woman’s head is slightly turned to the right, and it appears that she is focusing on something.
  • The woman’s head is turned, slightly to the right. Her eyes appear narrowed on a point behind her. Her mouth is drawn straight.

Subjective experience (memories, analogies, judgments, conclusions, analysis, imaged, connections, relationship) drawing conclusions

  • She looks confused
  • She could be working, possibly at a restaurant
  • Her eyebrows look like she drew them on
  • Photo seems to be taken decades ago
  • The woman has a snotty look on her face

Context (“facts surrounding the thing time/place/ social context)

Write complete sentences when describing objective description.Useful terms: “it appears to be” “seems like” generate a lot of material.

In annotations draw connections to yourself.